FGM Direct Work Toolkit

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FGM Direct Work Toolkit

What is this resource?

This Toolkit is to support professionals educate and explore views with children and parent(s)/carer(s) on FGM.  The pack contains activity plans, resources and more to enable professionals to work effectively with families and children around FGM.

This Toolkit has been designed to be used by social workers and family support workers with parent(s)/carer(s), children and young people.

How do I use this resource?

This resource can be used when it is deemed necessary for a parent(s)/carer(s), child or young person to be educated around FGM. The Toolkit is aimed at children from the age of 7 upwards, with separate activities for parent(s)/carer(s) and young people. The Toolkit contains sessions that should be followed in order, this ensures work around human rights is set before introducing FGM.

The pack contains:

  • Session plans for parent(s)/carer(s)
  • Session plans for children and young people
  • Time limited sessions (for when you have limited time to work with families around FGM)
  • General information on FGM and useful links

How the National FGM Centre works with Children and Families:

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Direct Work Toolkit picture of front cover.

The Centre is able to provide advice and support to professionals working on any FGM cases.

You can get in touch directly by email or over the phone. For our contact details click here.

Introduction to FGM – Presentation for children

Introduction to FGM – Presentation for young people

Introduction to FGM – Presentation for parent(s)/carer(s)

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