FGM E-Learning Course

Hello and welcome to this short e-learning on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

About this E-Learning

This tool will enable you to think holistically about FGM, and will take you through key information about the practice, its context within harmful practices, and will also test you along the way.

Using this Platform

Before beginning this E-Learning, we would recommend you:

  • Set aside 1-2 hours, but don’t worry if you can’t, as you can always leave and come back to it
  • Are in a quiet place or have earphones to listen to audio or video content
  • Have a stable internet connection, and use Google Chrome
  • You have a pen and notepad handy to take any notes if you wish to

What to Expect

This E-Learning has been designed to balance theory and practice:

  • You will be learning lots about FGM, and be applying your knowledge as you go on via quizzes and assessments
  • There are 6 modules in total, each with quizzes and tests, that require you to pass by 90% - but will give you options to try again
  • Please do complete the short evaluation on completion, to help us to strengthen the tool