Bloodlines Monologues

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Bloodlines is an interactive theatre training to thousands of multi-agency professionals.

This is a reflective learning resource aimed at all professionals working with girls who could be at risk of/ have undergone FGM.

Listen to the Bloodlines audio file, watch the monologues of Jata and her teacher Mr Leigh, and use the questions provided to reflect on the storyline and what you would do.

Jata Wainaina is 15yrs and a student at Leyton Academy for Girls. A Kikuyu Kenyan from Naivasha, she arrived in the UK in 2008, with her mum, dad and sister Makena (now 11years old).

She has just said to her teacher, Andrew Leigh, that her family are going back to her auntie Filista’s place near Nairobi in Kenya for a holiday during which Makena will be having a “party thing” that is not a birthday party and will need to relax after. Jata herself has had the party and does not want to go on the holiday.

Part 1. Jata and Mr Leigh

Listen to Mr Leigh as he discusses his concerns with Jata after Jata’s friend discloses Jata is worried about an upcoming holiday.


Part 2 – Jata

Reflective Questions for Professionals

  • What is Jata worried about?
  • How would Jata be feeling?
  • Who could Jata speak to?
  • Has Jata made a disclosure?
  • How can Jata be reassured and supported?

Part 3 –  Mr Leigh

Reflective Questions

  • What are Mr Leigh’s concerns?
  • How would Mr Leigh be feeling?
  • Does Mr Leigh have a mandatory duty to report to the police?
  • Which members of staff could Mr Leigh speak to for advice?
  • What should Mr Leigh do next/What would you do next?

If you are a professional working with a girl you are concerned is at risk/has undergone FGM please click here to view our referral guide.