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What to do if a girl has undergone FGM

The Serious Crime Act 2015 requires regulated professionals such as teachers, health professionals and social workers to report all known cases of FGM for under 18s (i.e. when a disclosure has been made and/or medical examination has confirmed that FGM has taken place) to the police.

All professionals are required under the Children Acts 1989 and 2004 to safeguard children and young people. While the duty to report to the police is limited to the specified professionals described above, non-regulated practitioners still have a general responsibility to report cases of FGM (whether these are disclosed or visually identified, or suspected or at risk) in line with wider safeguarding frameworks.

It is recommended that the girl is signposted to support services.

What to do if you suspect a girl is at risk of FGM

If you are concerned that a girl is at risk of FGM, a referral must be made to the local children’s services team.

If you are concerned that the girl is in immediate danger of FGM, contact the police by calling 999.

You should also contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office if the girl has already been taken abroad:

Telephone: 020 7008 1500

From overseas: +44 (0)20 7008 1500

If you are looking for Specialist FGM Clinics in the UK you can download a list here.