Sierra Leone Information

Sierra Leone FGM Information

Prevalence of FGM: 89.6% (Women 15-49) 74.3% (Girls 15-18) (MICS, 2013)

Most common types: Type 1 & 2

Common ages practiced: 0-15 years + (Medium Age of FGM: 14 Years)

Regional information: FGM is prevalent throughout the country

Practicing ethnic groups: All

Terminology: ‘Sunna’ (Soussou, Religious tradition/obligation (for Muslims), ‘Bondo’ ‘Sonde’ (Temenee/Mandingo/Limba/Mendee, Integral part of an initiation rite into adulthood (for non-Muslims)), ‘Halalays’ (Mandinka, Sanctioned – implies purity)

FGM Law in Sierra Leone: No specific legislation

 (All information has been sourced from UNICEF, 28 to Many and The Orchid Project)