• Social Workers


    We are working with local authorities and other agencies to deliver a systems change in the way that social work is provided to girls and families affected by FGM.

  • Community Workers


    FGM can be deeply ingrained in affected communities and we engage with community members and representatives to support change in attitudes and behaviour.

  • Health Professionals


    Health professionals are usually the first professional staff to identify FGM in a woman or girl and are a key part of the multi-agency response to FGM.

  • Teachers


    Children may identify a teacher as a trusted adult to talk to about FGM and teachers need to be alert to possible signs that a child has been subject to FGM or is at risk.

  • Police


    Effective ways of policing FGM are still being established and we aim to share good practise around prevention, protection and prosecution.

Children and Young People Now Awards - WINNERS

On 24th November the National FGM Centre team attended the Children and Young People Now Awards where we had been nominated for the Safeguarding Category.

We were all honoured to win the award!

¬†“For the initiative that has made the biggest contribution to prevent and protect children and young people from abuse and neglect” With one judge saying the centre was “a prime example of multi-agency, ground breaking practice”.