Referral Guide

This is a guide for professionals who are thinking about making a referral and what to know what information to include. This guide can also be used by safeguarding advisors who are looking to gather more information on a referral.

Local Terminology for FGM

This document contains a list of words that are used to describe FGM in different countries and languages across the globe. The list covers 48 countries across the world and includes the English translation and meaning of each term.

FGM Leaflet for Pregnant Women

This leaflet is for pregnant women who have disclosed or have been identified as having FGM. The leaflet covers what FGM is, the consequences and ways families can protect their daughters.

FGM Prevalence Map

We have created an interactive FGM Prevalence Map that provides information on high-risk ages, practising ethnic groups and high-risk areas in countries across the globe.

Check out some of the resources produced by other organisations aimed at professionals, schools and families.

The Knowledge Hub contains research, guidance, and links to FGM information for specific professionals.