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  • FGM Statement for Communities (Scotland)

    A statement for communities explaining What are the health consequences of FGM, How health services can help, FGM and the Law, What to do if you are concerned about a girl at risk of FGM and Other Organisations that can help.

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  • FGM – A Statement Opposing Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland)

    A statement explaining What is FGM, Scottish and UK Legislation, Help and Support, and Useful Contacts.

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  • Scotland’s National Action Plan to Tackle Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) 2016-2020

    This National Action Plan builds on work that has been happening across Scotland, bringing together best practice alongside Scotland’s national plan, and will help ensure that the necessary steps are taken to put Scotland’s commitment to protecting girls and women from harm into practice.

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  • Best Practice Guideline: A universal FGM flowchart and reporting tool

    This document was produced as an internal document to provide a practical pathway to support staff compliance with the process of working with a female (adult or child) at risk of undergoing FGM or who has previously undergone FGM.

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  • Understanding the Needs of Children in Northern Ireland

    The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to support staff better meeting the needs of children and their family’s through a comprehensice process for assessment leading to action.

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  • Support for Survivors and Girl’s at Risk

    If you are looking for support services and organisations in the UK please visit our FGM Services (UK) page and select the region you require a service in.

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  • Traditional and Local Terms for FGM

    This document contains the traditional and local terms for Female Genital Mutilation by country and language.

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  • Models of care and care pathways to support mental health and wellbeing of looked after children: Findings of call for evidence

    This document presents the findings of a call for evidence to develop models of care and care pathways to support the mental health and wellbeing of looked after children.

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  • Leaflet for Pregnant Women

    This leaflet is for pregnant women who has disclosed or have been identified as having FGM.

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  • London Assembly – Tackling FGM in London (April 2017)

    This report provides findings and recommendations compiled from the London Assembly Conference in January 2017, which are directed at the Mayor to champion the fight against FGM in London and translate his promised into actions.

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