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  • FGM Risk and Safeguarding Guidance for Health

    This guide has been created to help health professionals identify and assess the risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) for patients in your care and to support the discussion with patients and family members.

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  • National FGM Centre: An evaluation (Research Report 2017)

    The National FGM Centre was a pilot project funded by the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme for two years from April 2015- March 2017. This evaluation assessed the effectiveness of the National FGM Centre, a partnership between Barnardo’s and the LGA, in achieving its stated aims during the first year.

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  • FGM: RCN Guidance for Sexual Health Care

    DEVLOPED BY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHSummary of Document Sexual health care takes place in various settings across the NHS and the independent sector. Contact with women and girls offers an important opportunity to talk about FGM and support the safeguarding of girls and women who may be at risk of FGM or who may have been... Read more »

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  • FGM Pocket Guide (A guide for health professionals)

    DEVELOPED BY nhs england This is a pocket guide for health professionals that contains information about FGM including: – What is FGM – FGM in the UK – Spotting the signs of FGM – FGM and the Law – What to do if you are concerned VIEW THE GUIDE HERE

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  • FGM: RCN guidance for travel health services

    Travel health organisations, clinics and health care professionals (HCPs) will find it useful as it highlights how important it is for processes within travel health settings to be reviewed to ensure services provide an effective safeguarding process around FGM.

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  • Services in the UK

    DEVELOPED BY THE NATIONAL FGM CENTRE We have compiled a list of FGM support services for each region in the UK to help enable professionals to signpost families on for further support VIEW THE pages HERE  

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  • Let’s talk about vaginas…FGM: The failure of international obligations and how to end an abusive cultural tradition

    Published by GRIFFITH JOURNAL OF LAW & HUMAN DIGNITY WOMEN AND VIOLENCE Written by FELICITY GERRY QC Female Genital Mutilation (‘FGM’) is not related to any specific colour or religion, but to a patriarchal system. This article explores its history and culture, and explains that tackling the practice of FGM has been affected by estimated data… Read more »

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  • Briefing Paper: FGM (Northern Ireland)

    PUBLISHED BY THE Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission WRITEN BY CHARLOTTE PROUDMAN This briefing paper for Northern Ireland includes information on: – What is is FGM? – UK Legal Framework – International Human Rights Law – Commonwealth Legal Response – Conclusion and Recommendation Access the briefing paper here

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  • NHS Patient Information Leaflet

    DEVELOPED BY THE NHS The NHS Patient Information Leaflet provides basic information about FGM and the law and informs patients about recording and reporting practices on the NHS. It can be ordered in a range of community languages from the Department of Health. ACCESS THE website HERe

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  • Engaging Midwives in the Global Campaign to End Female Genital Mutilation

    DEVELOPED BY UNITED NATIONS POPULATION FUND Midwives play a key role not only in averting maternal and newborn deaths, but also in promoting good health in communities as a whole. FGM is a deeply entrenched cultural practice and many midwives face significant social pressure from the community to perform it. Midwives are however ill equipped… Read more »

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